Weeping Tile Installation

Are you struggling with a basement leak? Weeping tile can be one the most effective defence against a wet basement. ACCL Waterproofing is here for you. Let’s look at a brief overview of weeping tile installation.


Why weeping tile installation?

A weeping tile system is a straightforward drainage system that should be installed around the perimeter of foundation, next to the exterior part of the footing, which is the base of your foundation walls. The purpose of weeping tile is to discharge underground water accumulated at the bottom of your foundation, which is the footing. Then, the water is ejected into the storm sewer beneath your street or a sump pump and pit liner installed under your basement floor.

The weeping tile is a significant part of the basement foundation since it will protect your basement foundation wall effectively from sitting in a puddle of water for its entire life. Without weeping tile, the groundwater naturally wicks through the concrete and the mortar joints. It causes saturation of this concrete and mortar, which will gradually weaken and damage your foundation walls.

Installing brand-new weeping tile around the footing of your home will undoubtedly improve footing drainage. It is a vital part of basement waterproofing at the new home construction stage which collects pooling water at the footing base and drains it to a sump pump before it builds enough enforcement to push into the property.


What is a great weeping tile system?

These days, most modern homes are built with weeping tiles. When constructing a house, home builders are responsible for proper installation. However, homeowners are responsible for maintaining these systems since a weeping tile can last for a few decades if it is maintained correctly. An effective weeping tile system is dependent on five factors:

  • Ability to resists clogging
  • Ability to drain water from the walls
  • It does not rely on filter fabric
  • It has a big drain outlet to the sump
  • It will not cause damage to the foundation


Signs that weeping tile needs to be fixed

The most common problems with weeping tile are that the weeping tile pipe is clogged and damaged. It’s difficult to check up on a pipe that’s buried underground under layers of soil and gravel. There would be some signs such as water stains or cracks in your basement wall, musty smells in your basement, and pooling water throughout the basement floor. Thereby causing basement flooding.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Many new homes with brand new foundations and brand-new weeping tile installations still may have basement leaks. It is necessary to understand that although the foundation walls are waterproof, a leaking basement will most likely continue to leak. This means that basement leaks are not the result of faulty or clogged weeping tile systems. It is recommended to ask a professional to take a look at your home.

We are here to help you find the proper basement waterproofing solution that best aligns with your needs. We offer waterproofing services in Toronto, Oshawa, Scarborough, Pickering, North York, Clarington and beyond . Give us a call for your basement waterproofing needs.


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