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Let’s face it, the waterproofing industry does not enjoy the best of reputations. A.C.C.L Waterproofing Systems began with the idea that there is definitely a better way. With this in mind, and with no intention of undermining the competition, allow us to explain some pitfalls in dealing with basement waterproofers so that a well-informed decision can be made in choosing the right company.
The appointment:A sure sign that you are dealing with a water control system company, and not a “waterproofing” company, is that they will insist that all homeowners be present for the appointment. The company will not even send a representative to your home unless both spouses, or all owners commit to listen to the pitch. When an appointment is scheduled under this condition, you can count on a presentation that relies on scare tactics and high pressure to achieve a one-call close.

The salesman:Water control system, or so-called “waterproofing” salesmen generally introduce themselves as anyone but a salesman.

They tend to have very little technical knowledge. They are, however, very persuasive at delivering a canned presentation. Some will utilize fictitious customer testimonials and job portfolios to appear as a reputable company.

Remember, these salesmen are trained to sell one system, and to sell at an inflated price. They may see 20 customers a week, with 20 different problems, yet they are delivering the same presentation every time. The salesman is not able to offer alternatives.

He is unable to offer less-costly options. He is required to always sell that one system, or stand-alone method. As for sales tactics, look out for the drop. If the salesman is unsuccessful in convincing you to sign a contract, he will come up with an idea that can save you a lot of money. Inflated prices, drastically reduced present discount opportunities to achieve a “one-sit close”.

Of course the only way you can take advantage of this terrific savings, is if you sign the contract now. The only customers who are not offered this special deal are the ones who agree to sign the contract at the opening price.

Finally, the water control system salesman may attempt to discourage you from receiving other estimates. This should always be a red flag to the customer. If they were confident in their product, and their company, they would welcome you the opportunity to shop and compare.

The inspection:Water control system salesmen are taught to exaggerate your problem. Using words such as major, or critical, the purpose of the inspection is to create fear and a sense of urgency. The actual cause of the problem is unimportant to these companies, because the solution they will present is the same for everyone.

The inspection offers the salesman an opportunity to begin the scare tactics that ultimately sells a lot of waterproofing and mold remediation. Here you will be asked questions about your health. Do you have allergies, or respiratory problems? This is an opportunity to use unreliable and easily manipulated devices such as poor air quality, moisture or mold detectors.

That’s why these tests are offered FREE of charge by some mold remediation companies. Due to a conflict of interest between mold remediators and mold inspectors, any thoughtful homeowner should be weary if a mold remediator is offering mold testing and mold inspection services other than a visual inspection to estimate the cost of removal.

Certainly a dishonest remediator/inspector will want you to believe that you have severe hidden mold infestation, so that they can remove it. If there is visible mold growth present, an honest certified mold remediator and master waterproofer will inspect your basement to pinpoint the source of your mold problem first, in order to offer a problem-solving approach, instead of a one size fits all solution.

If hidden mold is suspected, an honest mold remediation and waterproofing specialist will recommend contacting an independent inspector, whose report will determine the extent of remediation required, if any.

The contract:Many complaints result from customers not receiving what the salesman promised. Regardless of what the salesman tells you, if it is not specifically spelled out in the contract, you will not get it.

Water control system companies keep their contracts vague for a reason. A red flag should go up if you hear anything like: that it “will be up to the foreman”, or “we won’t be able to determine if this is needed until the job begins.”

The lifetime guarantee:Read all guarantees carefully. Many cover wall seepage only; others just floor seepage. Some even guarantee against water penetrating the subsoil walls and floor by installing a pressure relief foundation drainage system alone.

Drainage without foundation waterproofing will not prevent water from penetrating wall cracks, it will only prevent water from rising beneath the floor into the basement. You may have contracted with a company, because you were concerned about cracking, and damp spots on the wall.

A salesman may steer you to a system that does not address your problem, and, in fact, may make the problem worse. Nowhere in the guarantee does it state that cracking is covered. If your basement leaks, they will service it. If your wall bows you are on your own.

The water control system:Most water control system companies rely on a stand-alone interior drainage system and a sump pump to control the water. They may call it something different, but pipe placed under the floor that leads to a pump is a water control system.

Drainage is not waterproofing and should not be confused with waterproofing, or called waterproofing. Many companies that install interior drainage systems often refer to themselves as “waterproofing” companies, but, in fact, they don’t provide any type of waterproofing services at all. In order to gain a competitive advantage they combine the interior system with something else, usually some sort of outside work.

The outside work generally benefits the customer very little, and allows the company to drive up their price and appear different from the competition. Some companies, in order to eliminate the competition, actually price different methods as if they do them. They will price exterior waterproofing ridiculously high, the interior drainage method extremely low, and their other methods somewhere in the middle. If you ask for one of the methods they don’t use, you will be told they won’t do it because it will not work for you.

Other water control system companies have come up with different interior methods, on top of the footer or above the floor products. Although marketed extremely well, these systems fail in comparison to traditional drainage systems. If there is a leak, they will service it. If your wall bows you are on your own.

The installation:Water control system companies tend to underpay their installers. This results in high turnover, and unhappy crews. They also apply a great deal of pressure requiring their crews to work fast.

When you have inexperienced crews cutting corners to bring jobs in on time, and not using the proper materials, is it any wonder that this industry disappoints their customers so often?

Coupons and discounts:In the home improvement industry, and particularly in the basement waterproofing and mold removal business, coupons are generally added to the cost, prior to the homeowner receiving a price. Besides tracking advertising, one of the purposes of asking you where you heard about the company, is to determine if you are going to present a coupon, so the price can be adjusted accordingly.

Notice that the same companies offering a winter discount, will offer spring savings, summer specials, and fall bargains. As for discounts, A.C.C.L Waterproofing Systems believes in offering our best price up front and all the time. We will not offer an “if you buy now discount” or a “Special $500 off coupon”, and we will not continually call you offering additional discounts. Besides, what good is a discount if the price is still greatly inflated?

The difference between us and other companies starts with our installers and ends with the materials we utilize. A.C.C.L Waterproofing Systems has attracted the best of the best. We put experience into every job. When you have good people who care about their customers, as well as their company, it shows. At A.C.C.L Waterproofing Systems, our focus is on quality, not quantity, outcome, not income …it’s that simple. When you do things right each and every time, you are usually rewarded for it.When you hire A.C.C.L Waterproofing Systems, you receive the highest level of business excellence, the correct solution, a fair price, and superior quality installation.